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Thought some may be interested in this link. It shows all of the basic aerobatic symbology that is used to make up an aerobatic routine. Personally I like to fly somewhat of a routine instead of just mashing sticks. There are good reasons to fly aerobatics based on routines and one of the biggest is the fact that it makes it hard for your plane to get away and out of control. If one has a routine memorized all they have to do is go out and make the airplane fly the maneuvers. This is the same as giving a prepared speech vs an impromptu. One is always better. The attached routine is one from Mike Goulian from 2002. Its a good idea to start out much more basic but I thought id share a much more advanced one. In the IAC there are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Unlimited and Free categories and they vary based on manuevers. All categories other than Free must include certain maneuvers appropriate to their class. Free routines are the kind you see at airshows that are just designed to be awesome and stunning to a crowd.

Rob Holland flys Free aerobatics at airshows and is currently the most edgy aerobatic pilot in the US. He is really reinventing aerobatics as we know it. He flies a highly modified MXS Aircraft which is capable of positive and negative 15G's. Lets say rob weighs 150lbs at 15G Rob now weighs 2250lbs. Just to put that into comparable terms he weighs more that his airplane when its sitting on the ground. Im not sure what the exact weight of his airplane is but lets say its close to 1500lbs (as most aerobatic planes are), in this case he and his plane at 15G weighs 22,500lbs. This is more than a lot of corporate jets and also on a very small wing so one can only imagine the strain on the wing while your watching. 

         Have a great day just some interesting facts and information I thought I should Share!

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